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After surviving ten years in the packaging industry, I’ve seen plenty of innovations, modifications, adaptations and products being launched into the public domain. However, it all starts with an idea, a concept, digital art and investment. Now we have AI apps that can turn a simple description into a concept in under 30 seconds. Watching and seeing what can be created with a few descriptive words is impressive. However, how is AI changing the landscape for digital artists, cad modellers, engineers and designers?

What Is Concept Art?

Concept art is visual art used in the entertainment industry, particularly in film, video games, retail packaging and animation. It involves creating visual designs and ideas for a project’s characters, settings, and props.
The primary purpose of concept art is to help develop and communicate a project’s visual style and design and to establish a visual language that will guide the final product’s creation. Concept artists typically work closely with directors, producers, and other creative team members to help shape the project’s visual identity.

Concept art can take many forms, including sketches, drawings, paintings, digital illustrations, and 3D models. The level of detail and polish can vary depending on the project stage and the creative team’s needs.

Overall, concept art is an essential part of the creative process in the entertainment industry, helping to bring the vision of a project to life and create a cohesive and engaging visual experience for audiences.

User description For AI – Packaging design :: concept art::1 natural lighting::1 DSLR::1 cardboard::1 –v 4 –quality 0.25.

How Is/Was Concept Art Created?

The artist first extensively researches the project’s setting, characters, and other elements to create concept art. They must deeply understand the project’s creative vision to create the most compelling design. The artist then starts brainstorming multiple ideas and sketches to explore design possibilities and refine the project’s visual style.

Once the initial ideas are generated, the artist creates rough sketches using either traditional media such as pencil and paper or digital tablets. These sketches help establish the design’s basic composition, pose, and proportions. After the rough sketches, the artist begins refining the design by adding details, textures, and colours to create a more polished look.

After the initial refinement of the design, the artist gets feedback from the project’s creative team to make revisions until the design meets the project’s requirements. This feedback process helps refine the design further and ensures that the final product aligns with the project’s creative vision.

Once the design is finalized, the artist creates a final render with all the details, colours, and lighting to represent the final product clearly. The final concept art can take many forms, including sketches, drawings, paintings, digital illustrations, or 3D models, depending on the artist’s preference and the project’s requirements.

AI packaging artwork
User description For AI – Ideas for a packaging design concept for enrobing chocolate bars inspired by the space bar on the keyboard. The packaging design could be inspired by the look of a vintage typewriter, with keys and buttons featured prominently. The space bar could be the focal point of the design, with a big, bold space bar graphic dominating the packaging. The colour scheme could be black and white, with a minimalist and classic look.

How Is AI Changing The Landscape For Concept Art?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the landscape for concept art in several ways. Here are some of the ways AI is changing the concept art industry:

  • AI-powered tools such as machine learning algorithms and neural networks can analyze vast amounts of data and generate designs based on the input data. This process can speed up the creation process by allowing artists to generate many design options quickly.
  • An AI app can help artists generate novel and unique designs that they may not have considered otherwise. This enhances creativity by providing artists with new sources of inspiration and ideas.
  • AI can also help artists create more accurate and realistic designs by analyzing real-world data and generating designs that closely match the input data.
  • The power of AI can analyze a user’s preferences and generate designs tailored to them. This can help artists create more personalized designs for their clients.
  • Visual AI generators can enable collaboration among artists by allowing them to share design files, provide feedback, and collaborate in real-time.

AI Cosmetic Concept Art
User description For AI – creative packaging concept for lipstick photo realistic.

Overall, AI is changing the landscape for concept art by enabling artists to create designs faster, enhancing creativity, improving accuracy and realism, personalizing designs, and enabling collaboration. As AI advances, we can expect even more significant changes in the concept art industry.

5 Amazing AI-Generated Packaging Concepts


User description For AI – apple and beat collaboration to creat headphones packaging. The concept is rock and roll music. ar 3:2. v4. Behance render style.
AI health Food Concept
User description For AI – superfood subscription based business named reborn using matte pea green and black packaging concept for supplements.
User description For AI – whitening cream mask blank package model,surrealism,concept art, sails, surfboard, complex, anamorphic lens, ray tracing, smooth, denoise, unreal render,3d illustration for cosmetic,ads.
User description For AI – label design, bottle, product, logo, kombucha, drink, packaging design, concept, product label, front label, clean simple design.
AI packaging milk carton
User description For AI – Packaging concept milk carton with ornate embossed cannabis botanical drawings, product photo –v 4 – @bobby2sox (fast)

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