10 Hints For Getting More Google Reviews

more google reviews

Setting up a Google local business page to drive traffic to your website is simple. Once you create a Gmail account, you are good to go. All you have to do now is create a business page by following this link. https://www.google.com/business/

Complete all criteria for business information in each section. Add services, articles, or products. Upload pictures and create links that point back to your website content. In addition, Google will send you an activation code via email or phone. Your local business account should go live within a few days.

Once you’re live, it might be a good idea to ask customers to leave a review. Moreover, this is important, especially if you are up against a lot of competition for local business listings. Gaining more reviews on your local business page will show prospective customers that you offer excellent services or products.

So, how are you going to get reviews?

Find your Google local business link address by logging into your account. Select Customers > Reviews > Get more reviews > Copy the link > Paste the link where applicable.

More information is here. support.google.com/business

How To Get Started With Your Local Business Link

  • Add the link to your email address signature
  • Include the link on invoices or receipts
  • If you’re chatting to customers through chat forums, add the link to the end of each conversation.

Ask Your Sales Staff

The most effective way to get a customer to leave a review on your Google business page is to ask them. Pop the question in at the end of a sales call, purchase or order. Try and collect an email address from the customer and tell them you will send them a link via email.

Ask the customer, “Would it be possible if you to leave me a 5 STAR REVIEW, please!”. Keep it simple; if you’re a manager, you could add this strategy as part of the Executive or Sales Assistance Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) for a potential bonus or reward towards the end of the year.
The direct approach gives employees more control over who they ask. For example, they could only ask customers or clients they have a good relationship with. This could result in more 5-star reviews rather than receiving poor feedback.

Create A Leaflet

Create a leaflet for clients that shows them how to leave a review. Most people need a visual aid or directions on how to leave a review. The leaflet needs to be clear and precise. You should include your link, logo, and business address and explain why this is important for your company.

You could have call-outs, including;

  • “Your reviews will make us better in the future”
  • “Your reviews are important to push us forward”
  • “A Google review will help us deliver a better service.”

The Discounted Approach

Offer a discount to customers who leave a review on your local business page. This could be a 10% discount on the next order. Maybe you can offer up a free gift? This is a nice gesture, and people can take advantage of getting something back for being loyal customers.

Everyone Has A Mobile Phone

Remind people they can leave reviews on their mobile phones. Think about adding a few posters at the reception desk. Maybe you can leave a poster in the waiting room? Alternatively, you can have a member of staff hand out flyers to ask people to leave some feedback. Having an employee engage with people, or showing customers how to leave a review, can really help with your Google business strategy.

Get The Company Tablet Out

Having a member of staff talking to visitors or clients while using a tablet device can be very effective. Both employees and customers can have a chat through this straightforward process. For example, if you asked ten customers for 5 minutes of their time, I bet at least five people would participate in the quick Google review update. Maybe, if you offered something for their time, this would really put a smile on their face. What about:

  • A pen
  • A mug
  • A keyring
  • Free Magazine
  • An exclusive offer.

You may only have a small target reach for each month, so giving out a few free gifts won’t cost you a fortune.

A Coffee Break

Indirect incentives can also be enjoyable and help with Google reviews. For example, having a free coffee and tea area with biscuits could be the key for you. Once customers are sitting down, you could use several ways, including all the ideas above, to help entice people to leave a review.

Send Out An Email Shot

Depending on your customer base and open rate, an email might help. I would only ever send this out once to any subscriber list. However, it’s not worth the unsubscribes. You will have to make the email attractive, and I would also consider offering a good incentive. Give a good reason as to why your audience should engage.

Send Out A Letter

A hard mailshot could also bring in some reviews for your local business. Maybe this seems like a bit of an old fashion way of being direct with people. However, this could work, depending on your audience or customer base. Let’s say, for example, you are selling high-end products. A follow-up letter asking for a considered review could be convenient. If you have made someone happy, they will follow up with a goodwill gesture.

Social Media

Promoting Google business reviews through your social media channels may also have its advantages. But, again, I would not try this often. Maybe once a year to see what type of engagement you get. Asking people constantly to take time out when they are relaxing might get you a few unfollowers or terrible feedback. The social media strategy is best used on business consumers, not business-to-business.

So there you have it; a few good tips to get your local business Google reviews up and running. Furthermore, the Google business review feature can be a potent tool for your local search target market. But in all honesty, you will have to work at it and make it easy for people to engage.

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